I was doing some research tonight about when to segment your company’s presence on social media, and I found several nice lists of social media policies. Here are the best lists I uncovered in my web sleuthing:

I really like the ones that are in plain language and common sense oriented while still covering their legal bases. Having a conversational tone for employees reading it is not only relevant to the subject matter, but makes it more likely they will read the whole thing. One of my favorite examples I saw tonight was the policy from Best Buy: “Be smart. Be respectful. Be human.”


The PolicyTool for Social Media provides a simple 12 step process to create a social media policy. It’s not a bad starting place – good for small companies or non-profits.

I also found a nice “Social Media Handbook” put together by interns working on a non-profit project. Their website hurts my eyes a bit, but the handbook has some easily consumable tips for the beginning put together in a fun format. They occasionally tried to hard with their design, but the basic pages for Twitter, Facebook, blogs, etc are solid. Don’t hold their lack of web or print design against them.

Perhaps she suggests a bit too much granularity, but Tiffany Black at Inc.com wrote a good article about How to Write a Social Media Policy.

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